How Could Your London Business Benefit From A SEO Audit?

Any business London or UK based would benefit greatly from having a reputed SEO agency in London conduct a search engine optimisation audit for their current website.

An SEO audit can help identify many underlying issues that can hamper your websites ability to grow in ranking on Google leading to reduced traffic and a high click-through rate.

The audit also helps give the business owner perspective on how far behind they are lagging as compared to the competition and gain insight on what measures can be taken to rectify these issues.

An SEO audit helps identify any technical issues, on-page issues, backlinking issues as well as offers insight on competitors SEO strategies.

Technical Issues

Technical issues can hamper your websites ability to be crawled by search engines. A technical SEO audit will help identify whether you have adequate website speed, the number of 301 Redirects, 302 redirects and 404 errors, your site architecture and URL structure, as well as your websites ‘crawlability’. An SEO specialist can go over key technical issues and identify what measures need to be taken in order to get them rectified immediately.

On-Page Issues

Fixing on-page issues is relatively easy but figuring out what needs to be fixed is why SEO audits are so important. On-page issues relate to meta titles and descriptions, headers, content and internal linking that if not done correctly can severely impact your websites ability to rank high on primary keywords.

Competitor Analysis

Perhaps one of the most beneficial aspects of having an SEO audit done for your London business in the competitive insight you gain. Identifying competition and their current SEO strategies are what as SEO audit reveals. An SEO expert can then use that information and in essence, come up with a more efficient solution to beat the bar set.

Not knowing what your competition is up to is like driving blind. A competitor analysis sheds light on what your competition is up to while identifying they are not fully availing. It also helps business owners know just how far they are trailing behind and what needs to be done in order to get back on top.

Backlinking Issues

Having your content backlinked to reputable and relevant websites goes a long way in improving rankings and providing awesome content. Introduced to Google’s algorithm in 2017 backlinking is one of the best ways to greatly improve your sites ranking in a short span of time. An SEO audit identifies just how many backlinks you have on your website and how credible those links really are. It also reveals the difference in the number of backlinks between your website and your top competitors’ website. Spammy backlinks or too many backlinks can be detrimental when it comes to ranking high on Google.

SEO Strategy

An SEO audit helps identify key strengths and weaknesses in your current SEO strategy. An SEO expert can consult you on what needs to be done to fine tune those strategies in order to rank higher than your competition.